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At Seven Sows, in downtown Asheville, NC, we combine a unique interpretation and modern spin on cultural classics. We pride ourselves on being different. The roots of our cuisine lay in the food memories of our youth and the travels and experiences of our journey as cooks. We have hung our decor ,including century aged white pine from North Carolina farms, to reflect some of the artifacts of a timeless era in our part of the South. We take pride in hospitality and have a smiling team of knowledgeable and efficient staff to make your special dining experience warm and truly memorable.


Seven Sows is a restaurant which focuses on an impressionable and memorable dining experience with down to earth decor, warm and friendly service and delicious food and drink rooted in the nostalgia of our heritage and our past. Seven Sows sets out to embody the interpretation of a southern focused cuisine with impressions of French and modern American techniques and above all a boundless and bold creative spirit.


While we have a full bar with all libations from vodka, scotch, gin to rum, we specialize in that one spirit born right here in the American South – bourbon. We offer an exclusive selections of bourbon, whiskeys and rye from Kentucky to Tennessee to Japan. We are proudly armed with two craft bartenders who’s masterful minds will impress you – The Brothers Knighten. Russell and Malcolm of Asheville will be pleased to tell you the story behind each and every one of these special libations. Our bar program includes delicious and outstanding craft cocktails which are ever changing with the seasons including house made drams with spice and local fruits to infusions and bitters. Our cocktail menu is proudly fantastic and will tempt and treat you from the Adios Muchacho (Suaza Blanco Tequila, Del Maguey Vida Mexcal, Lime, Pineapple & Jalapeno) to the South Slope Shandy (Heritage Cheshire Bacon Infused Old Forester Bourbon, Lemon, Sow’s Garden Thyme, Peach Bitters & Pilsner). Not sure which bourbon is your favorite? Take our whiskey flight and choose your favorite medicine.

We select the very best seasonal ingredients from area farms, gardens and wild foraged foods from the valley and mountain forest floor as well as select whole animals from heritage breed hogs to mountain lamb, goat and chickens. We also grow a special selection of heirloom vegetables on beautiful acreage of valley land upon Western Buncombe County in the Rabbit Ham Valley which we call home. This special selection and labor of love, to us, provides our cuisine with the most amazing flavors you could imagine. This is what is important to us. ‘Cook what you know.’


Every plate achieves that elusive, cuisine-defining balance of nostalgic flavors with sweet, salty, and sour — even dessert.

Our South: In our South, cornbread is magic and must be conjured in a cast iron skillet and come out yellow, soft and sweet. We rhapsodize about homegrown vegetables cooked simply with salt and pepper. The pot likker is something of a miracle especially when involving filet beans and ham, fresh field peas and butter or slow cooked dixie speckled butter beans and smokehouse bacon. In our South, we marvel in the simplest of things like the thick round slice of fresh summer tomato with a slice of soft white bread and mayonnaise. The one thing perhaps equally important as the food we consume is the people we consume it with. The breaking of bread is sacred and we take pride in offering this experience for you here. Seven Sows accommodates all parties big or small and families are more than welcome.

Food for everyone: We offer a kid friendly menu and will cater to the the needs of any specialty diet. We offer exclusively fresh ingredients with menu items that change weekly with our repertoire. We are a full service restaurant with some of the most memorable service and cuisine you will receive from caring and passionate cooks, servers and bartenders. We offer on and off site catering to fit your needs and will gladly host your special event with us.

LATE NIGHTS AT THE SOW: Eat, drink and dance the night away to our very special late night party once per month. The lights go dim, the music gets loud and the menus get funky! Seven Sows stays open for late night dance parties every few Saturdays complete with a very special food and drink menu and live spin and music under a disco ball. Look for the next late night date and menu advertised on the news section of this website and on our social media sites. Late night hours are tentative to the end of regular dinner service and are set to start at 11pm-2am.

Next Late Night: Saturday Oct 25, 14



Mike was born in Elm City, Wilson County, North Carolina. His family had settled in Eastern North Carolina since prior to the American Revolution from Ireland, England & France among an agricultural legacy and community of sharecroppers and heritage farmers which are his roots. Leaving a career in law enforcement in Raleigh, NC in his mid twenties, Mike worked and trained in San Francisco at The California Culinary Academy and at a number of restaurants such as Aqua, SF and Rogue Chef Culinary Company in Half Moon Bay. Mike relocated to Asheville, NC, in 2004 and has worked in the Asheville restaurant scene for a decade in and through its changes and growth. Mike has experienced much from cornerstone kitchens such as The Market Place Restaurant under Fred Snyder and Mark Rosenstein and most recently at The Admiral with executive chefs Elliott Moss and Drew Maykuth.

In 2010 Mike launched a charity driven group of local chefs and friends which became the Blind Pig Supper Club. Three years, 78 conceptual dinners and thousands of dishes later The Blind Pig and its local and inspired chef collaborators have become a nationally noted charity fundraising organization that inspires creativity among its performing chefs and creates a boundless dinner experience for its guests.

Mike opened Seven Sows in March of 2013 with partner Jason Caughman. The vision is a restaurant concept focused on American and Southern cuisine widely inspired by the roots of his heritage. Mike leads the kitchen as executive chef and works to foster creativity, focus and motivation for the kitchen team.



Todd’s passion for cooking originated in his grandmother’s kitchen inspired by her beloved cooking, gardening and preserving food in Lenoir, NC. Primarily self taught, Todd has a music degree from Appalachian State University and worked through college in various kitchens of Boone, NC. Todd moved to Washington DC in 2008 to further his culinary experience. Through handwork and dedication to local and seasonal cuisine, Todd led the kitchen team at Restaurant Nora in Washington, DC as executive chef of the first certified organic restaurant in the United States. in 2014, Todd relocated back to WNC with his family and worked with Chef Kyle Mcknight at Highland Avenue in Hickory. In March, 2014 Todd relocated to Asheville, NC as Executive Sous Chef at Seven Sows and after five months of diligence, craft, passion and hard work was promptly named chef de cuisine in August of 2014. Todd is a major addition to the chef team at Seven Sows and is duly noted as lending creative inspiration of the ever changing menu from his experience and his travels as a cook. Todd’s practical thinking, grace in preparation and hard work shine through the menu as he helps lead the team.



Nick was born and bred in the capital city of Raleigh, NC. After attending college at Rochester Institute of Technology in NY, Nick travelled independently through Italy and returned to the U.S. with a further fondness and inspiration for cuisine. Nick thereafter relocated to Asheville, NC and graduated from the prestigious culinary program Asheville-Buncombe Technical College. Nick has worked his way through the kitchens of Asheville and landed at Seven Sows 6 months after inception and has been hard at work ever since on the line as well as assisting at numerous charity dinners at Blind Pig. Nick was recently featured as a chef at Blind Pig presents: ‘The Lonesome Highway’ dinner event held for the Hank Williams legacy and the creation and execution of his dish appropriately named ‘cold, cold, heart’ was given center stage by a feature from Garden & Gun Magazine in July 2014. Nick is Inspired by charcuterie, whole animal butchery, Waylon Jennings and Cheer Wine, Nick is a true son of all things Southern North Carolina and is a recent addition to the leadership and management of the cuisine in the kitchen at Seven Sows.


There is something deep in my bones that drives me to grow things in the mountain soil as my family has done for centuries right here in North Carolina. Our first year in 2013 was spent composting fruits and vegetables from our kitchen in order to make some of the richest supplemental organic matter for our very own garden medium. While we choose from and support many local farmers, we take farm to table that next level during the growing seasons here in Southern Appalachia with preserving heirloom seeds. From mail order sweet potato slips to church community seed swaps in Eastern North Carolina, we have collected and spent countless Winter nights dropping heirloom seed into peat pots in hopes of what may come. In the year that we have prepared a garden for growing we have seen the fruits of our labor and the taste of its fresh bounty. Choosing what and how we grow some our featured menu items is gastronomically amazing and equally fulfilling. Seven Sows is committed to bringing our guests one of the most important heritage driven heirlooms of the agrarian culture of the South. There is no food better than what is grown by the family.
On the Menu


Blue Hubbard Squash Blossoms


Blue Potatoes

French Fingerling Potatoes

Gisseppe Cucumbers

Purple Peacock Broccoli


Heirloom Tomatoes (39 Varieties)

Heirloom Lemon Squash

Dixie Speckled Butterbeans

Soya Beans

African Fish Peppers

African White Yams

Cherokee Long Ear Corn

Blue Hubbard Squash

The Rabbit Ham Valley of Western Buncombe County




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Seven Sows opened in March of 2013 and is located at 77 Biltmore Avenue in Asheville, NC. Renowned as the creator of The Blind Pig Supper Club, having worked at esteemed restaurants such as Aqua of San Francisco, as well as The Market Place Restaurant of Asheville and The Admiral of West Asheville, the cuisine of a cook evolves with their travel and experiences. Voted Community Chef of The Carolinas by Star Chefs Rising Stars and rostered as one of the Best Chefs Southeast by BCA, Chef Mike Moore has been serving both quality interpretations of classic Southern and new American dishes at Seven Sows and with Blind Pig through daring concepts that ventures into the uncharted territories of cuisine and dining experiences.